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Terrace concept

This project was created for a contest (that I didn't win :() and my problem that time was the tight deadline and the relatively heavy scene with Ivys. The only possibility I found is to render small parts and assemble them using GIMP. I used also render layers but the result was simply bad. But now, the new possibility with Blender to render using both GPU and CPU let me render more scenes to finally end up with this one.
Here's the progress of the different steps. Thank you

Moussa hachemi img 4178

Actual terrace

Moussa hachemi 01

Rendering parts

Moussa hachemi 02

and blender craches

Moussa hachemi 03

still parts,,,

Moussa hachemi 04

and another parts,,

Moussa hachemi 0101

Here's the render assembled, but due to deadline I couldn't finish it that way.

Moussa hachemi 0102

The contest is over now. And Here's the test with render layers just to find a solution ; not too good.

Moussa hachemi 2 1

Adjusting the lighting

Moussa hachemi 2 5


Moussa hachemi 2 7


Moussa hachemi 2 9

Final render